Sunday Morning

Elder Renlund – Salvation can be understood as the relationship between a divine king and his heirs.  Strictly speaking we don’t earn blessings, we qualify for them.  “Activation energy”– he remembers his chemistry classes.  Quite a story about Dan Jones and the Arizona expedition — “I would have filled my barrels, pressed on, and prayed again” —  easier to say than do, of course, but Dan Jones had the credibility to say it.  The Holmes story–I loved the emphasis on all their posterity.

Sister Eubank – Don’t run faster than we have strength, pray for guidance about what to drop [pushing yourself too much is a form of throwing yourself off the temple].   There was a fun energy about her talk.

Elder Cook – The new meeting schedule plus the New Testament focus is a good opportunity to invite friends to church.  President Nelson has received great revelation about temple work.  Men and women have unique roles but equal value.

Elder Christofferson – The Second Coming is the solution.  We want to be a covenant people ready to receive the Lord.

Brother Callister – The more spiritual gifts, the more like God.  Our limitations are not our nature.  A whole bunch of things, including divorce (?), cannot prevent exaltation.

President Nelson – Exaltation only comes through the medium of the temple ordinances.  Pray to know God’s presence in your life.  The story of the man who asked to be baptized after death–President Nelson said he isn’t that man’s judge, I mentally added ‘yet’.


Sunday Afternoon

Elder Oaks – Repentance is not an event–it is a privilege.  Forsake sins, confess to the Lord, and bring forth works of righteousness.  Gotta repent before the final judgment.  Don’t procrastinate.

Brother Villar – Reading about exercise won’t grow your muscles.  Faith too is a principle of action.  “If you want to increase your faith, do things that require faith.”  That quote is going into my phraseology.

Elder Gong -The Savior cared about the 1 and the 99. . As we minister, we can reach both.

Elder Bednar – Our programs are increasingly home centered and church supported.  We are not done with the changes yet.  Know for yourself.  The best Sunday School, MTC, Family History, and temple prep is at home.  We can be more frank about the temple.  It is OK to give a proper understanding of the background and guidance about the covenants.  Always be reverent (don’t disclose special symbols and signs and information and remember the temple is God’s house.

Brother McKay – timing.

Elder Rasband — Satan knows his days are numbered.  [A fortress talk.  It fit in well with Elder Stevenson’s charge to remember offensive and defensive strategies.)

President Nelson — study the talks, see what the Lord has for you.




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