Saturday Morning

Elder Soares – Actions must reflect belief.

Sister Craven – We are not meant to blend in. The world is increasing in evil.

[I don’t have notes on ever talk]

Elder Uchtdorf – Invite people over for home church. We are doing the New Testament after all.

Elder Eyring – go for the feeling of being spiritually minded, in family.

Saturday Afternoon

Elder Ballard – Home church is part of the simple gospel.  Keep things simple.

Brother Held – Spirit and Mind are like having two eyes.  Both necessary for binocular knowledge.

Elder Anderson –  [For some reason I wrote some kind of imaginary dialogue as my notes here.  I don’t remember what the talk was about.]

Why would a loving God let his children be gay if it meant lifelong celibacy?

Because a loving God is giving them a chance to be honkin’ knights.

He will call them at the end of days and they will rise big as mountains.

One gay guy on God’s side is a majority.

Brother Not Sure Who – Too much time in the faithless zone means you pass out for lack of spiritual oxygen.  Interesting about not getting an answer to prayer about a job and proceeding anyway.  Act.  God won’t let you get too far down the road if not right.

[General comment — in some ways (not in every important way) the Church has been in retreat since I was born.  I was born into a community that had dances, music, roadshows, economic projects, its own welfare system.  But its a fighting retreat.]

Priesthood Session

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