From Bishop Peterson’s talk in the Priesthood session of the October 1982 General Conference, titled Prepare the Heart of Your Son

There is a time in almost every boy’s life when dad can do no wrong, when he wants to be just like him. Therein lies the tragedy.


Would it surprise you to know that in most cases faithful sons come from faithful fathers, and wavering and faithless sons come from wavering and faithless fathers? We are grateful that from among the army of faithful converts there are exceptions to the general rule, but the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the son following his father’s example.

Not me.  That is exactly what I have seen.

You grow up with aspirations of improving on your dad’s shortcomings, only to discover that it takes a lot of effort just to be in his ballpark.

a boy’s heart is better prepared to believe if he has a listening father.

a boy’s heart is prepared to hear when a father gives his son time alone.


A boy needs a father who will correct him when necessary, but beyond that, one who will love him, and like him, and accept him regardless of his performance: a father who may treat a teenager like an adult, but not expect him to act like one. It takes quite a dad to look beyond the actions of boyhood and see the potential of manhood—and even more important, for him to get a glimpse of eternity.

There.  That is what needs being said.  We are raising an eternity here.  Do the best you can, you are also being raised by a patient father who loves his boy.


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