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Man saw World and it appeared fair.  He wanted to know more of it.  He wanted to roam and taste and wield it.  So Man stepped through the curtain called Body into World. 

Man opened his eyes and reeled.  The colors, the lights, moving–Man knew pain and bewilderment.

A being was standing by him.  The being said, ‘take these glasses and you will see.”  Man put on the glasses.  They contained a filter called Comfort.  It blocked and softened most of the light.  Man’s eyes watered, but he could now see.

Man tried to move but ran into a stone that he was not able to see through the lens.  “Take these,” said the being, and he gave Man a different set of glasses with a filter called Happiness.  He saw some new  and interesting things around him that way, but a few of the things he had seen before were now indistinct or even completely washed out now that Man could only see everything in shades of happiness.  He tried other filters.  Fatigue, Peace, Love, Hope, and so on.  All showed Man new things and hid others.

“Try these,” said the being, and Man tried new glasses.  Red Anger, Yellow Fear, Dark Pride.  Anger was first.  When he tried it on, almost all that he had seen before was gone.  Everything was a blur of red.  Even the people in World, he saw what they did and why only in terms that made sense to his anger, only what could be understood through the filter of anger made it through to his eyes.  He also saw, quite clearly, the threats.  Many of them had been quite hidden before.  Man snarled and charged.  But when Man did he stepped on and destroyed many beautiful things Man could not see through the red of Anger.  Man had similar experiences with Fear and Pride.  Much they hid and caused Man to destroy, some things they revealed.

With time Man learned to remember the beautiful things Man saw with Love and Peace and avoid trampling them when Man wore Anger.  With time Man learned when Man wore Love and Peace to remember the threats and opportunities he saw with Anger, Fear, and Pride, and still act as if they were there.  An inner voice said, this is called Faith.

And then World spoke.  “See us now, in all beauty and ugliness, in all that we are.”  And then Man removed the glasses and put no new glasses on.  He saw the bright and the broad, the dim and the down, clouds and stars and crumbling rocks, bugs, rain, friends, foes.  He saw World as if for the first time.

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