On October 27, the Church announced that, while “local celebrations of culture and history may be appropriate” to celebrate and spread the gospel message, “larger productions, such as pageants, are discouraged.” The statement said that plans were underway “to appropriately end, modify, or continue these productions.”

Editor’s note: Some of the following information was updated 11/7/18.

Here’s a summary of Church pageants and the changes announced so far:

  • The Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah, will no longer be directly supported by the Church after its 2019 run. However, community efforts will likely continue a similar pageant in future years.
  • The Castle Valley Pageant in Castle Dale, Utah, is held every other year on even-numbered years. No changes have been announced.
  • The Clarkston Pageant—subtitled “Martin Harris: The Man Who Knew”—in Clarkston, Utah, is held every other year on odd-numbered years. No changes have been announced.
  • The Mesa Easter Pageant in Mesa, Arizona, is held annually in the spring prior to Easter. Due to renovations of the Mesa Arizona Temple and temple grounds, the pageant has been temporarily suspended, but is expected to resume in 2021 following the completion of the temple renovations, with public renderings showing a pageant stage and seating accommodations.
  • The Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York will be discontinued entirely following its 2020 summer production.
  • Two Nauvoo pageants (featuring early Church history in both the United States and the British Isles) in Nauvoo, Illinois, are held annually between July and August. These two pageants will continue.
  • The British Pageant in Chorley, England, is held annually in August. No changes have been announced.

In the Church’s statement, it acknowledged the impact of its growth globally. “As this occurs, local Church leaders and members are encouraged to focus on gospel learning in their homes and to participate in Sabbath worship and the Church’s supporting programs for children, youth, individuals, and families.”

The statement aligns with other changes announced throughout 2018 that show an effort to simplify and reduce Church programs.

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Manit Pageant Photo by Scott G. Winterton



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