Moral corruption, with the spread of homosexual practice and the domination of the homosexual lobby, reaching even to the papal throne. I can assure you that the pontificate of Benedict XV is simply appalling from this point of view. But under Pius XI the situation did not change. 

Via Rod Dreher,  two articles, one about Pope Francis wrecking things, and one about the roots of the rot in the Catholic hierarchy.

I have been blessed to know holy Catholics that I love.  My heart goes out to you, friends.  In a world of hardship and sin, you are being wounded from those who should most be offering you comfort.  “I was wounded in the  house of my friends.”  These are hard times.  These are wrenching times.  Pray for discernment and strength.  The Holy Spirit will guide you home.

Speaking under correction, I understand that the Catholic Church believes that the ex cathedra pronouncements of the Pope are infallible, and therefore must be compatible with the prior received doctrine of the Catholic faith.  If, as seems likely, Pope Francis ends up announcing something ex cathedra that contradicts that doctrine, then the two options consistent with remaining Catholic are (1) deciding that infallibility is wrong, the Popes are only mostly right or (2) deciding that Pope Francis was not the Pope.

You are in my prayers.

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