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In the grace of God, I still have one last toddler running around the house.  I now know why the baby of a family gets treated differently.  Its because you want to hold on to every last scrap of childhood while you still can.  Even your olderchildren want to.

You don’t rage, rage against the dying of the light.  You climb a tree to see it a little bit longer, you stay out sitting in the twilight.

Here are a couple of the recent glories of my last glow as the father of small children.

  • There were some dark, billowing clouds.  My little one looked up and said, “I wonder if Jesus will come down from the sky today?”
  • Sunday, I explained to her why the priest was repeating the sacrament prayer.  “It has to be just right, sweety, it’s a special prayer.”  “Oh.  The perfect prayer!”

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