online-tithingThe generosity of LDS Church members and others has resulted in sufficient funds in the Perpetual Education Fund and the Temple Patron Assistance Fund.

As a result, you are encouraged to select other categories for your ongoing donations. You can donate to many other causes online at A link to this page can be found on under the “My Account and Ward” drop-down menu.

Even though the Perpetual Education Fund and Temple Patron Assistance Fund categories have been removed from the online donation form, you can still donate to all these categories using the regular donation slip: tithing, fast offerings, general missionary fund, ward missionary fund, humanitarian aid, Book of Mormon, and temple construction.

If you really want to continue to donate to the Perpetual Education Fund and the Temple Patron
Assistance Fund, you can still use the paper donation slips and contribute through your home ward or branch.

  • The Perpetual Education Fund is a loan program helps members of the Church of all ages get an education that leads to a self-reliant job. Since 2001, this program has lifted more than 90,000 individuals around the world out of poverty and into self-reliance.
  • The Temple Patron Assistance Fund was established in 1992 to provide one-time financial assistance to members who live outside the United States and Canada and who otherwise could not afford the travel expenses to attend a temple to receive the sacred blessings available only in the House of the Lord.

When was the last time you saw a church say they don’t need any more donations?

Learn more about how to make online donations to the LDS Church.

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