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Quotempole is the quote app where you can create your own personalized quotation collection with all your favorite quotes—quotes that inspire you, quotes that motivate you, quotes that make you laugh, quotes that make you think.

Quotempole.com (or qtmp.com) is the brainchild of some LDS programmers who got together and created a community to develop an online cloud-based utility for easily capturing, tagging, browsing, searching, and sharing meaningful quotes. They find it helpful in creating talks, lessons, sharing Facebook posts, and referencing during gospel conversations and quorum discussions.

What it does

  • One-click quote capture using their chrome extension
  • Add your own searchable quotes, accessible from anywhere
  • Organize your quotes using tags
  • Add your quote references, context, and links
  • Share via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • FREE service. They don’t ask you for a credit card or any billing information

It’s Your Quote Collection

Many quote websites are read only; they don’t allow you to enter your own quotes. Some give you a “My Quotes” feature, but only allow you to collect quotes that are already on their site. Other quote applications only store your quotes on the device you entered it on. With Quotempole you can easily keep track of all your favorite quotes. Tag your quotes to easily categorize and search them later as well as add reference information and context.

It’s Simple to Capture All Your Favorite Quotes

  • Using the Quotempole Chrome browser extension, as you are reading an article, you simply highlight meaningful text in the article and with a single-click add the quote to your own Quotempole collection (automatically capturing the text, author, reference, URL, etc).
  • Combine and share multiple relevant quotes by topic into topical QuoteLists.
  • Sign into Quotempole using your Facebook or Google account (or a local Quotempole account) and manage and share your Quote collection.
  • Add YouTube video clips to your quote collection.




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