Most rituals are reenactments.  The ritual works by having you participate remotely in some great event.

Sacrament symbolism is not all about the bread and the water.  There is also the symbolism of what we are reenacting–the Last Supper.

Catholic Faith Warriors ~ Fighting the Good Fight

We are Christ’s chosen band of brothers.  We are meeting for a last, intimate, sacred meal with him.  After this he will go out to fight and win his great victory over everything.  But the victory will take him from us–we will be left with only the Comforter as we follow his lead and make our own mark on the world.

Symbolically, we are in Christ’s presence and taking that last meal with him in intimacy and holy friendship.  Then we part, He to take care of the biggest needs of all, atonement and resurrection, and us to fight our smaller, secondary battles–but still important, still marvelous!–until we return to his presence the  next Sunday.

Our spiritual warfare is only a week long.  Let us hold on.

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