young-women-camp-guideThe LDS Church has published a new Young Women Camp Guide for Young Women presidencies, camp specialists, and youth camp leaders to help them plan and administer their annual camps.

Young Women camps may be adapted worldwide according to the needs and circumstances of young women, with a focus on helping them feel the Spirit in a setting away from everyday distractions.

This new guide will be available in English in the spring or 2018, with 23 other languages to follow. Printed copies will be available at A digital copy will be available on the Gospel Library app and on the Young Women site ( before the printed publication becomes available. A notice will be sent to leaders when the guide becomes available in each language. All adult and youth camp leaders are encouraged to have either a printed or electronic copy of the guide as they plan camp.

If plans for Young Women camps in 2018 are already underway, leaders are encouraged to continue forward and use the guide in planning for 2019.

The new Young Women Camp Guide replaces all current manuals and award materials associated with Young Women camp (see the list below). The new guide does not include a camp certification. Instead, it invites leaders to choose activities that help young women explore their interests, increase in self-reliance and outdoor skills, develop leadership skills and friendships, and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The guide includes a wide variety of activity ideas linked to online resources on the Youth Activities site ( Young women who wish to complete the former certification requirements may do so with the assistance of their parents through family home evening and family activities, with leaders as part of Mutual, or as part of their experiences and projects within Personal Progress.

Transition of Old Young Women Camp Materials

  • Young Women Camp Manual (34573). Extra copies should be discarded; young women may keep their books if they desire to complete certification. As advised in the July 1, 2016, notice, when completing certification, please refer to the most current CPR standards established by local government and professional health organizations.
  • Young Women Camp Recognition certificate (34683). Available through 2018 or while supplies last. May be used for young women who wish to  complete certification on their own.
  • Young Women Certified Camper award, wooden box (34684). Available through 2018 or while supplies last. May be used for young women who wish to  complete certification on their own.
  • Young Women Camp: A Guide for Priesthood and Young Women Leaders (04093). Discard
  • Young Women Camper badge (34681) Young Women Camp Leader badge (34682). Discard
  • Young Women Camp Songs, CD (50045). Use while supplies last. This music is also available online at

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