jordan-james-change-worldLDS musician Jordan James created a music video for his original song, “Change The World.”

Jordan explains that he wrote this song “to help inspire you to Change YOUR World.” His message of doing something in your own way to change the world has given him the opportunity to perform at charity events. As part of the LDS “Light the World” campaign, Jordan was invited to participate in the music video “Light Up The World” produced by Nik Day Studios.

Find the song on iTunes or visit Jordan’s website to download the song free.

Read the lyrics below the video.

Imagine a world full of songs
Where everyone sings along
A world where no one is fighting
A world where no one is dying
Imagine looking out your window
sky’s of blue are all you know
A life full of beauty
So what will you do what will you Be

Change the World
Change the World
Change the World it’s yours
Take the world by storm
Change the World and sing
Change the World make it better for you and me

Imagine you in their shoes
Living life not knowing what to do
Begging help me
Give me mercy
Was that the way God wanted life to be
Christ said give all you have to those in need
Look in the mirror tell me what you need to be
Do you need to love another
someone to call your brother
Tell me tell me
What will you be


Sometimes sometimes you need to know what it’s like
to be there and do that
that’s why we have trials in your lives
so we need to change the world
for you for me for everybody
So Sing


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