Why do people not want to bear testimony? the teacher asked. It was off the cuff. That was not what the lesson was about.

I thought over some of my experiences bearing testimony. Sometimes flat and uninspiring. Once, bearing testimony in an angry way in an argument as a way of staking out my position, like a bull pawing the ground–and the Holy Ghost took over and broke me and my arguer down into tears. Once, bearing testimony at a door on my mission as a way of breaking off a pointless dispute–and the Holy Ghost took over and broke me and the resident down into tears.

I think people sometimes hesitate because they hate the lack of control. When you bear testimony, you are turning yourself to God. You aren’t in charge anymore. You may break down when you didn’t want to, and say things you hadn’t planned. You may want to really touch your audience but nothing. Testimony proposes, God disposes.

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