At the mythic level, the conflict between God and Devil is the conflict between Order and Chaos.   In the scriptures, the Dragon represents the primordial chaos from which God formed creation.

Doubtless the Devil doesn’t see it that way.  At least, doubtless he didn’t use to see it that way.

If asked, he would have said that he was for order too, just a different order.  The real conflict was order vs. order, he would have said.

Usually fighting an existing order to replace it with a different one first involves tearing down the existing order.  Chaos is usually the immediate goal, even if it is not the long term goal.

More importantly, fighting the existing order is always chaotic if the existing order is the only one possible.

God is a fact.  You cannot get around him.

Satan’s alternative order was a delusion.  It was impossible on its face.  And it was impossible in that it ignored the elephant in the room–the character and the purposes of the Almighty, who would never go along, and without whom no such existential plan is possible.

The order that cannot be is just another name for chaos.

Part of the purpose of the flesh is to get us to embrace and understand the order that is.  The possibilities that are.  (Which are, I might add, much more boundless than we credit.)

Embracing the order that is instead of the hypothetical order that cannot be is another name for love.


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