A new year – a blank canvas before us, new roads to explore, etc. How shall I waste my time this year? Here is something to think about. A few years ago, my brilliant brother came up with three classes of hobbies: creative, experiential, and consumptive. (Or maybe he got the idea elsewhere, but he is the one that told me about them.) I can explain more about it later if anyone is interested, but the gist is that, of all the ways one can spend their free time, creation is generally better than mere experience and experience and creation are better than mere consumption. I like to think that President Uchtdorf would agree – in October 2008, he urged the sisters of the Church to create things regularly. With that said, I am making a list of things to create this year, starting with stronger relationships with God and my family.

-Guest post from FotJG JRLinAZ

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