making-gospel-relevant-lds-young-womenYoung women around the world need support and leadership as they discover who they really are and what significant things they can accomplish. How can their parents and teachers help them?

All three members of the Young Women general presidency, Sisters Bonnie L. Oscarson, Carol F. McConkie, and Neill F. Marriott share their personal stories and advice on that topic in this interview.

Watch the video below, “Making the Gospel Relevant for Young Women.”

“[Young women] can go this distance,” Sister Marriott states. “Once they realize that they carry a circle of influence around them all the time, they can be a power of good if they will just remember who they are; they are daughters of God. Do they believe it? Do they know that He knows them? Once they realize that, they can have great influence.”

The presidency recommends leaders allow young women and young men to rise to their callings as leaders themselves. How will this way of thinking change the way you teach young women?

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