This post summarizes each General Conference talk which touched on social media use.  It’s based on the notes of a father with lots of children, who was also ironing shirts and shelling pecans during a few sessions, so please suggest corrections and additions in the comments.

Sister Oscarson said that we substitute screens for people.  She warned that distraction keeps us from small, local service.

The Apostle Elder Stevenson said that games and social media can be a time sink.  They also distort reality and tempt us to make comparisons [On this last point, put in my own terms, I think he was saying that social media accelerates signalling competitions–virtue signalling, success signalling, etc.].  He urged adults to showcase for children the righteous use of technology.

The Apostle Elder Cook warned against pride on social media.  He also said we need more modesty and humility in online argument.  [I felt strongly when he said it that we achieve it.  Well done, cobloggers and friends of the JG all.]

Elder Zwick of the Seventy said we should stop seeing through the lens of social media.

Elder Alonso of the Seventy said its good to text “I love you” and better to go out and serve face to face.


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