The Church uses new technologies and social media to bring about the work of salvation. For example, the Church extensively uses websites, mobile apps, and social media. (See a list of these Church accounts at the end of this article.)

Just as the Church uses these technologies to share light and goodness, we as members can do the same. In fact, parents have an opportunity and responsibility to help their children learn how to use technologies and social media in righteous and productive ways. As parents teach correct principles, their children will increasingly be able to govern themselves and be proficient in using modern tools righteously.

The Church News article “Families Should Discuss How to Use Social Media in Righteous Ways” provides some great ideas on how to use technology righteously and what safeguards families may want to consider.

Also, see my article “Family Safeguards for Using Technology.”

The following is a list of Church website, mobile apps, and social media accounts:


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