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I was looking for Step 3 insights at General Conference. Boy did I find them.


Elder Cordon‘s talk was nothing but Step 3. He used the analogy of immigrants trying to avoid language loss among their children, which I thought was very apt. Among many excellent insights, his biggest point was that Step 3 is mostly just about consciously trying. Elder Cristofferson also said, in effect, “open your mouth.” He directed us to “warn our closest neighbors–our children.” He told us to stop acting as if we were neutrals and to preach what we practice.

Several speakers urged us to find ways for the youth to lead and excel. Yes! If we want them to lead when they are older, they need to practice now. And they need to see now that the gospel is rewarding and offers opportunities for excellence and status. They need now to have a reason to recur to the Lord for aid. See Elder Causse and Elder Brough.

Sister Joy‘s talk on sin-resistant children focused on integrity and having your children make and keep promises, which was very insightful.

The Brethren also repeated several times that getting your children involved in genealogy work is a great Step 3 measure. Elder Eyring, for instance, taught that we should gather Israel by teaching our children and by doing family history. The point, I suppose, apart from the spiritual blessings, is that children are more likely to be a strong link in the chain if they realize that there is a chain. See also Elder Yoo Han Choi‘s talk about being in the midpoint of an eternal family.

P.S. Elder Costa‘s talk needs to be watched for full effect.

P.P.S. Perhaps Bruce C. could help us identify Elder Palmer‘s accent.

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