I have not been reading or thinking about Australia at all.  Oh, yes, Australia?  Hmm, seems I’ve heard of it, about sums up my reaction.

So naturally, I had a crazy dream about Australia.The dream came in four parts.

Two Australian schoolboys, dressed in knickerbockers and cloth caps for some reason, argued about whether a minor Australian 3rd party should change their name to the Progressive Liberal Conservatives.


A group of “cameloids,” who looked like black-wooly humanoid camels, gathered around the Australian parliament building on some kind of grassy sward, and expressed their contempt for it by laying face down on the grass, pointing away from the building, and kicking up their legs three times, while bleating derisively, “Parliament!  Parliament!  Parliament!”

(I don’t know whether Aussie Parliament deserves contempt.  Presuming it to be a kind of Congress for foreigners, probably.)


A group of Australian journalist types gather for a roundtable about Jesus.  They are all in costume and have assumed characters.  I remember one older woman said she was the widow of a tax gatherer, something like that.  The discussion started off with a younger male journalist modeling how Jesus would have forgiven his sins.


My viewpoint is with Christ.  He is walking into a loose column of people who are streaming his direction.  As they briskly pass Christ, he touches each one and says something quick.  “I forgive you.”  “Your sins are forgiven.”  “Be better, be chaste.”  A couple of people, when he touches them, they beam so brightly, it is like a sunrise.  To them he says, “lawful good,” and if possible, they beam more.

Abruptly, there are no more people in the column.  Suddenly you see that all those people are now walking with Christ, all of them beaming.


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