In February, the First Presidency announced the creation of BYU–Pathway Worldwide, a worldwide higher-education organization. Pathway makes college education available worldwide at a significantly reduced cost. It combines affordable online courses ($69 per credit) with local gatherings in institutes or meetinghouses. Students earn college credit that is eligible for transfer to BYU-Idaho and some other universities. The program takes one year (or three semesters) to complete and can lead to professional certificates and degrees.

Students who complete Pathway continue to pay $69 per credit hour if they enroll in the BYU-Idaho online degree program. That means a bachelor’s degree, which takes 120 credit hours, will cost them about $8,000—less than half the cost of an in-state bachelor’s degree at a public university. Outside the United States, Pathway tuition is tied to income levels. In Ghana, for example, a Pathway credit-hour costs about $10.

The following graphics are from the Deseret News article “What the BYU Pathway program is in 11 graphics.”

























Pathway needs more service missionaries. Service missionaries don’t teach. They provide support and encouragement at the gatherings of about 20 students. One of the students leads the discussion with other students about the subject matter.




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