lifey-video-alexA Utah man has created a simple way to share your life story in video. Lifey helps you organize your thoughts and then record them on video. It’s an easy, free, browsable, and embeddable way to create a video autobiography.

  • Browse by topic. Lifey videos are shared in an interactive video player, giving you the ability browse to specific stories and insights. Just click one of the subjects listed below each video, and the player immediately jumps to that spot in the video.
  • Easy to share. Lifeys are easy to share on your personal blog or social media profiles. Simply paste a line of code, and it’ll appear.
  • Recorded in 4K. Lifeys are recorded in Super HD, so it feels like you’re actually there. Even your grandchildren will be impressed.
  • Anyone can do it. Lifeys are easy to record and 100% free. If you live close enough to their office in Provo, you schedule an appointment and record your video in their studio. It’s free, but if you want to support their cause, you can make a donation.

Watch this introductory video about Lifey:

Go to the Lifey page to try out a video recorded by Roger. Below the video, click on life events to jump right to that place in the video.

Lifey is short for “life” + “story” or “life” + “selfie.” Lifey is the brain child of Alex Balinski, the creator of, where he has created video interviews of hundreds of returned missionaries. (Learn more about why Alex created Prepare to Serve.)

Watch this video about how to complete a Lifey outline to prepare to create your video autobiography.

Create your own Lifey video autobiography for your posterity, or give it as a gift to your parents or grandparents to capture their life story.

If you don’t live close enough to Provo, you could use the same ideas and record yourself in your own home.

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