An old horse looked sorrowfully over the fence at a bull calf in the next pasture and gave a long sigh. The bull calf respectfully asked what the meaning of these expressions of sadness were.

“It is you,” the old horse replied. “A terrible choice faces you. Every year about this time the farmer comes and castrates his bull calves. You must either submit to this supreme indignity or exert yourself greatly to escape, only to find yourself in peril from predators and want. Therefore I sorrow for you.”

“What a gloomy creature you are to be sure,” the bull calf replied. “Those choices are unthinkable. There must either be a third option or, more likely, you have exaggerated the dangers.  No doubt this ‘castration’ is really something different altogether.” And the bull calf went on his way blithely.

He was castrated all the same.

Moral: Unthinkable is not impossible.

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