emailDid you know that you can subscribe to various email messages from the Church?

The Church offers the following free subscriptions:

  • Official Church Announcements. Important Church announcements, initiatives and messages from General Authorities and Church auxiliary leaders.
  • Inspirational Messages. Inspirational and uplifting gospel messages.
  • Church News and Updates. Church news, resource and technology updates, and event information.
  • My Calling. Tips, resources, and advice for your callings.
  • All Callings. Bishoprics and Stake Presidencies, including Clerks and Secretaries, can receive a copy of all My Calling email communications sent to members within your boundaries.
  • Volunteering Your Time and Talents. Volunteer and service opportunities.

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe to any of the above by going to, clicking the Email Subscriptions tab, and checking the boxes for the subscriptions you want.

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