mormon-hub-title began as a simple forum where Latter-day Saints and friends of other faiths could gather and discuss matters important to them. It then grew into a thriving magazine with content by Mormons, for Mormons. With new features on the horizon, has now been re-branded as Mormon Hub (

Some of the upcoming features include the following:

  • Enhanced forum features (interacting with web content)
  • 3 Mormons on YouTube (with new episodes each Friday)
  • A section of quizzes about Mormon beliefs and culture (easy to difficult) with FHE hints and share-ability (challenge your friends; brag about your success)
  • Resources (free downloads of books, scripts, activities, etc.)
  • Links to your favorite Mormon places online (come here first to get anywhere LDS)

The purpose of Mormon Hub is to share goodness with resources, interactivity, and fun. Mormon Hub strives to support the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it is not affiliated with the Church.

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