While fans of President Obama assured outraged parents that the executive decree on bathroom policies was nothing to worry about, the reality of males entering women's bathrooms or locker rooms at will has already led to harm in some quarters. Parents are right to worry about the safety of their children in such an environment. But with unrestrained leaders putting political correctness above child safety, many are finally considering home schooling as the best option for the welfare of their kids. Unintentionally,  radical federal policies overriding sensible solutions from local schools and local school boards have given a big boost to home schooling. Fortunately, those exploring their options in home schooling are finding that it can also greatly advance the education of their children.

The exciting news about home schooling is that there is a vibrant community of home schoolers who are working together to solve the problems of curriculum, socialization, physical education, teaching tough new topics like foreign language, preparing kids for college, and so forth.

I've talked with some home schoolers recently and have been inspired by what they are finding. Ordinary kids from ordinary parents seem to be capable of much more than most of us ever thought. Reading at advanced levels, digging into history and science with zeal, and learning to love learning does not require Einstein-like gifts. The gifts are often already there. They just need to be taught well.

One resource my wife has been reading is the blog Meliahl.com from a mom who has been helping a lot of other parents in her community solve problems and learn to reap the huge benefits that home schooling can bring. It's a lot of work, but the educational results have been amazing, and her kids can have the privacy and safety they deserve. If you're homeschooling or thinking about it, take a look at Meliahl.com and the resources she recommends.
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