hit-undo-videoSometimes we are told that change isn’t possible. And sometimes we actually believe it. But Nadia Khristean wants to send a clear message in this video that YOU CAN hit undo, that second chances do exist, and that you CAN change.

Watch the video “Hit Undo (Original) – Nadia Khristean, featuring Colby Ferrin:”

Note that some of the images in this video are a bit raw. (For example, drug use.)

Find out “How to Hit Undo” at AddictionRecovery.lds.org.

“This video is really near to my heart. I have had a lot of family members suffer through addiction and I have seen the powerful change that can be brought in anyone. I believe it’s a matter of looking up and finding a strength that is beyond our own to help us stop,” writes Nadia Khristean, who pulled together some friends and others to put together this video to spread a message of the Atonement and hope to as many people as can see it.

In making this video, they attended a few addiction recovery meetings and invited anyone who wanted to share their story to be a part of this video. All the participants in this video are recovering addicts, and their stories are real. “Meeting these incredible individuals was an amazing experience,” writes Nadia. “I look up to them for taking the initiative to change and finding strength to do it. None of us are perfect, we are all human, so when we choose to share our story, we inspire others to become something greater. We may not know what kind of impact our story may have, but our deepest experiences could save someone’s life.

“Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are, and don’t worry. We’re all not perfect. We’re all on the same journey to become someone better. So take a deep breath, and realize that you are more than what you may think of yourself! And your story may hold the power to change someone forever.”

Nadia Khristean is a public speaker, co-founder of the Daddy Come Home foundation, a BYU student studying commercial music, and a singer/songwriter who writes music for causes such as anti-bullying, women and inner beauty, families of fallen soldiers, adopted special needs children, and most recently addiction recovery.

Having seen the suffering of those going through addiction in her own family and in those she met while serving an LDS mission in Peru, Nadia knows the powerful impact of the LDS Church’s Addiction Recovery 12-Step Program. (Learn more about the 12 Steps to Change Video Series on Addiction.)

So Nadia teamed up with Colby Ferrin, a returned missionary with several hit videos, who’s all about sending out positive messages through the media. They wrote a song and shot an inspiring music video, with the message “I can hit undo.” The video is about second chances within addiction recovery and they hope for it to reach anyone who may be suffering through addiction or family members who are struggling with loved ones who may be passing through these kinds of trials. They send the clear message to viewers that you can hit undo, second chances do exist, and you can change.

Video Production by Nick Sales at Aevium Films.

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