The gentlemen here have some interesting answers to prayers.  God, it seems, trusts us enough to unbutton a little.

We bought a house a little bit ago.  It’s a big decision.  I prayed a lot about it.  The answer I got was consistently, “it will work out, but I cannot just point you to a house when you yourself do not know what it is you want.”  This answer was tinged with amusement, affection, and curiosity.  Yes, curiosity.  God Almighty was curious to see what kind of house I decided I wanted.

That was not the only time.  I have experienced His curiosity before.

This may or may not tell us something about divine foreknowledge.  I am inclined to think it tells us little.

What it does tell us is about the divine character.  Curiosity is a form of delight.  Curiosity is a form of love.  (Curiosity and knowledge are both a form of love).

Satan is never curious.


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