retornados-video-sudThe YouTube series “Retornados,” or “returnees” in English, is a Spanish web series that features four friends experiencing life after their LDS missions.

Below is the pilot video:

The sketches cover the different challenges and triumphs that returned missionaries face upon returning home. Producer and director Hugo Dantés explains that he created the series in direct response to the many situations that return missionaries experience that aren’t addressed by the Church.

The cast is composed of Carlos Hernandez, Limnhi E. Lopez, Israel Cruz and Hugo Dantés, all returned missionaries from Tijuana, Mexico.

The pilot episode is about Ernesto, a recently returned missionary who reunites with his best friends Alex, Mahonri, and Carlos. Ernesto and his returned missionary friends try to readjust to normal life, experiencing trials and challenges along the way.

Watch more episodes of “Retornados” on YouTube.

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