When I was teaching college, I watched students engage in all sorts of behaviors intended to achieve success, without being conscientious about the fundamentals.

The fundamentals were coming to class, doing the assigned reading and studying.

Nothing could compensate for these basics, however much student's tried to do otherwise.

There was one student that left me a phone message about missing one of the last classes of the year. He apologized, but then remarked that he would have to just rely on reading the textbook.

I groaned inwardly when I accessed his message.

I had specifically told the students that that last class period would have no reading and they must come to class that day to get the material.

I stressed this in class and on the syllabus.

Scripture study is the foundation on which every other success in this life builds. This is true for our spiritual health; as well as our physical, social or emotional health.

If you are not studying scriptures daily, you are not experiencing the spiritual power that is available to you.

Even superficial daily study is better than nothing. However, you are not making use of all the spiritual power available to you; if you do not engage in some sort of daily, meaningful scripture study.

If you are like nearly every other person on the earth, your scripture study is inclined to stop and start suddenly, depending on whatever responsibilities and stresses are complicating your life.

Every time your life changes in any significant way, you will probably have to rethink your scripture study and how to do it. This is especially true of students; because their academic schedule is not wholly within their control.

Like any other commandment, you need to keep it before you will develop a strong testimony of it.

When you experience the spiritual power that comes with meaningful scripture study, you will naturally be more conscientious about doing it.

Build your faith of it by doing it.

Joint scripture study by spouses can help ensure you both grow spiritually and grow together as well. Any distance Satan tries to wedge between you and your spouse will be stymied, if you are studying scripture together daily.

With a scriptural foundation, your life will be on solid ground and the natural difficulties you face in mortality will be easier to address.

10 Steps to a Blueprint of Success “Establish principles to guide your life. Don’t make exceptions to your standards. Be loyal. Live so that the Lord can guide you. Serve others. Smile. Don’t complain. Always have a Church assignment. Worship in the temple. Follow the Savior’s example.”—Elder Richard G. Scott, “As You Go Forth” Accessed June 6, 2016 from the LDS Media Library.

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