However good we may be we should aim continually to improve and become better. We have obeyed a different law and gospel to what other people have obeyed, and we have a different kingdom in view, and our aim should be correspondingly higher before the Lord our God, and we should govern and control ourselves accordingly, and I pray God my Heavenly Father that his Spirit may rest upon us and enable us to do so.


-thus Wilford Woodruff (ht to Gently Hew Stone)


“When I was young,” my wife said, “I thought God would take care of me if I j ust believed in him. It did not work out that way. Some bad things happened to us.” I said nothing. She went on. “But I still feel really blessed.”


I said, “Either Barbara Tuchman wrote it or anyhow I found it in one of her books—‘I found the world to be less just, but more kind, than I expected.’”

It’s true we have more work to do as Mormons because we want all God has to offer. But God helps us do it. If a man stumbles on the broad, easy road—or if Peter stumbles on the water—God reaches down and picks them back up alike.

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