Mormon women sing in Marriott Center at BYU Women's Conference

We get regular requests for links to transcripts of BYU Women’s Conference talks. In past posts about Women’s Conference here at Mormon Women: Who We Are, some of the links now don’t work because #byuwc revamped its website several months ago (and I don’t have the time to update old posts with new links).

So I figured it was time to at least do a post that can help Mormon Women know where to find the talks.

You can find them here:

BYU Women’s Conference transcripts

I have to say that am thrilled to see that the #byuwc team is posting more transcripts than ever before, thus bringing the blessings of this conference to Mormon women worldwide (and to friends of other faiths, or of no faith at all). Over the years, as I have attended Women’s Conference, I have ached for more women to be able to experience the spirit and messages from the event.

Kudos to BYU Women’s Conference (and the Relief Society, who co-sponsors the conference) for using the internet more to share these talks with the world.

Now can you help me spread the word? Please share are social media using the hashtag #byuwc to let others know where BYU Women’s Conference transcripts can be found.

Note: Transcripts from the 2016 BYU Women’s Conference are not yet available, but you can find talks from all the way back to 1997. Again, here’s the link. 🙂

BYU Women’s Conference transcripts

I’ve also reposted all the links below as well, for your convenience. But again, please help share with Mormon women in your sphere of influence, with the hashtag #byuwc, so that more women can know about this great still-apparently-hidden gem of a resource for LDS women.


2014 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts

Annette Burton
Clayton and Ann Christensen
David V. Clare
Gaye Strathearn
Elder Bruce C. and Sister Marie K. Hafen
Heidi Swinton
Janie Penfield Rasmussen
Mary Ellen Edmunds
Nora Nyland Kerr
Sheri Dew
Virginia Pearce
Julie A. Anderson
Cheryl A. Esplin
Neil F. Marriott
Carol F. McConkie
Linda S. Reeves
Linda S. Reeves
Carole M. Stephens
Jean A. Stevens
Rosemary M. Wixom
Linda S. Reeves
Bonnie L. Oscarson
Rosemary M. Wixom
Elder Quentin L. and Sister Mary G. Cook

2007 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts

Silvia Allred
Brian K. Evans
Helen S. K. Goo
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Patricia T. Holland
Cheryl C. Lant
Wendy Watson Nelson
Elder Cecil O. Samuelson
Barbara Thompson
Brad Wilcox and Wendee Wilcox

2002 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts

Elder Ben B. Banks
Merrill J. Bateman and Marilyn S. Bateman
Kathleen H. Hughes
Denise Posse-Blanco Lindberg
Elaine Marshall
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
Coleen K. Menlove
Jolene Merica
Margaret D. Nadauld
Bonnie D. Parkin
Anne C. Pingree
Kathy D. Pullins
Sydney S. Reynolds
Janet S. Scharman
Carol B. Thomas

1999 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts


Discursos de la Conferencia de 1999 en español


1997 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts


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