his-dayThe Sabbath Day is a gift to us. Share what you do with #HisDay.

The LDS Church invites you to help remind the world what the Lord’s day is all about. Share the good it brings to your life and the things you do to make it great each week. Make it heartfelt, make it joyful, and make your voice heard.

Enjoy this video, “Share Your Sabbath #HisDay:”

Post using the hashtag #HisDay. The Church will take ideas, stories, tips, traditions, and activities and share them through the Church’s media platforms.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to share and inspire others:

camera (1)Snap a Photo. Capture an uplifting moment, a weekly tradition, or the people and places you appreciate on the Sabbath. Share what you enjoy on the Sabbath by posting a picture on social media, along with a few sentences about what it means to you.

light (1)Share a Bright Idea.Share what you and your family do with your time on the Sabbath or explain that your family does to prepare for the Sabbath. Whether it is a Sunday-appropriate activity or an idea to help make a special day, sharing what works for one family may help another family.

books (1)Tell a Story. Write about your Sunday experiences. Jot down a thought you’ve had about a talk or lesson you heard in church. Write an essay about a gospel topic that you are studying. Tweet a thought. Share your memorable moments and lessons learned on social media or on a blog.

headphones (1)Record a favorite song or write your own. Get creative and use your special talents. Capture a video of your family or an activity. Write a song or create your own arrangement of your favorite song. Share your God-given talents with others and help your family develop their talents.

computer (1)Get Social. Post on social media using the hashtag #HisDay. Search #HisDay to see what others are posting.

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