The body is not a waldo.

Our body is not something that we possess, but something that has become a part of us . . . . This is why I don’t like the lessons that use a glove and a hand as an analogy for death and resurrection. It . . . suggests that the union of spirit is deliberately temporary and reversible. In reality death is more like a violent dissolution of elements that should be united. It’s more like ripping off your skin than about taking off a glove. Sometimes we talk about bodies and spirits as though the spirit is the self and the body is something that the self possesses. In reality, the spirit and the body are both the self. So losing the body is a loss of the self, at least in part. President Smith’s revealed comments about how the dead viewed the separation as a form of bondage go along the same lines.

when we are born, we do not just “gain a physical body;” we become physical beings. And when we die, we don’t just separate from our bodies; rather a piece of our own souls actually dies.

thus JKC.

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