mexico-music-workshopSpanish-speaking youth around the world can now enjoy the music of the 2016 Mutual theme in their own language, thanks to the talents and service of young men and young women in Mexico who recorded the songs February 26–28 in Mexico City and participated in a two-day music composition workshop.

press-forward-spanishThe 35 participants came in response to the Area Presidency’s invitation to share their musical talents to help other youth increase their faith in Christ.

The recording effort was just part of the Area Presidency’s goal to build a foundation for LDS music in Spanish for the youth of Mexico. During the music composition workshop, participants learned how to write, perform, and record music. Some of the music they wrote during the workshop was even recorded that weekend.

You can find the 12 Mutual theme songs they recorded in Spanish on the Spanish music site and on the Mexico Area country page. They also will soon be available on Spotify.


Learn more about the music workshop in Mexico.

Learn more about the 2016 Mutual theme song “Press Forward.”




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