I have been trying to work on getting stronger, more fit, and hopefully becoming a smaller version of myself.  In doing so, I have been working with a Personal Trainer.  I tell my husband that I am paying this young man to "beat me up".  He actually is really good. I appreciate how much stronger I am along with much  increased stamina.  

He had given me a diet, and I was kind-of-doing it.  I asked him about a specific type of diet that a friend had been successful on and he sternly told me that it was not a good option....for anyone.  He offered to write a different diet for me if I would observe it more strictly. In exasperation, I agreed.  

He asked me to go through my day by telling him when, what, and how much I ate.  To my astonishment he said that I wasn't eating enough.  I must say that in that moment I died and went to heaven, and then a wave of astonishment washed over me.  I asked him to repeat that statement, and again he said that I wasn't eating enough. He calculated that I was eating about 800 calories a day. He offered to devise a new diet for me if I agreed to comply, and I did.

Let's say that I feel like I am choking down food....all day long.  He went through each foods and why he is recommending them for me.  One of them was Salmon. I like Salmon, but rarely eat it.  He said I need to eat it about 2-3x/week.  So, I have been.  I learned how to grill Salmon a few years ago from a gal that lived in Alaska.  She was skilled in grilling fresh seafood. Well, here is this very simple but delicious method that can be used not only for Salmon, but Halibut as well. 

You begin by making little "foil boats".  That is my name for them anyway.  I tore off a piece of Foil about 15" in length and fold the sheet in half (like a 'hamburger) with shiny sides together.. Fold the edges of the foil at 1-1.5" widths on all 4 sides.  Pinch the corners together to secure your little boat.  Spray the Foil containers with Olive Oil (it withstands higher heat).

Place your Salmon inside.  I poured lemon juice on top.  If I would have had a fresh lemon, I would have put a lemon slice on each Salmon piece.  

Season with Cajun and/or Lemon Pepper.  We chose Lemon Pepper today.  Then put a bit of butter on top.

Place the 'boats' on medium heat and close the lid.  I checked the Salmon often and moved away from the flames as the Salmon appeared to change color.  Cook until the Salmon flakes with a fork. 

Mind you, this was all done in the dead of winter...and it turned out just great!

We paired the Salmon with berries and a fresh Salad.

Yes, I am eating more and struggling to eat it all.  However, this is a happy 'force-feeding' when Salmon is involved. It's quick and delicious.

Even on the coldest winter day, you can easily grill delicious Salmon. 

Rooster Senior loves big-time fishing and brings back his Salmon catch from Alaska.  We are set for a while in the Salmon department....CHECK!


  • This is very easy and particularly delicious.  Although not the reason for anyone else, my Trainer better be very happy with me!
  • Grilling isn't just for the summer.  In our family, we grill year-round.  It's fun and delicious, but also a very good emergency preparedness skill. I encourage you to put in the effort to have the needed supplies and fuel to grill year-round.
  • It only takes a few shelf-stable items from the Pantry to season the Salmon
  • It's fun!  Your family will probably enjoy this dish!

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