Is it possible for a Christian to be a Liberal – that is a Leftist? Yes.

Is it possible for a Leftist to be a Christian? Well, no – not really.

We ought to be able to perceive by now that Leftism is a permanent revolution which will – over time, and in rotation – challenge, subvert and invert all Christian values.

It is not that Leftism is totally evil, it does indeed have much good in it (as do all popular and powerful ideologies and religions, without any exceptions; otherwise they could not become popular and powerful), and the early stages of Leftism had a considerable amount of good in them. But Leftism was in origin anti-Christian and apostate; and the long term evil (i.e. destructive of Good) tendency and nature and outcome of Leftism is clear for those with eyes to see, and the ability to notice-from and evaluate their own experiences.

So the question arises: Is it possible, in The West now, for a Liberal Christian to avoid becmoing a Christian Liberal?

Is it possible? Yes, it is just-about possible… But it is terribly difficult, a balancing act; and in fact nearly-all Liberal Christians, sooner-or-later, fall off the twig into bottom-line Leftism with (or without) a surface flavour of Christianity.

I do worry about the Liberal Christians – that is, people who are first and foremeost Christians but/ and who also hold Leftist socio-political views; I really do worry about them, fear for them and indeed I fear them; because I am always half-suspecting they are going to drop off that twig, cross that line – and embrace the Left agenda – put the mainstream secular agenda first. I fear them because many Liberal Christians are talented, learned and insightful, so I fear that they will (explicitly or covertly, deliberately or unconsciously) subvert other people to do the same.

There are some real Christians who just happen to believe that the secular Left priorities – i.e. promoting the sexual revolution, antiracism, and the environment – just happen also to be the main and proper priorities for Christians. It seems bizarre and implausible and statistically unlikely, given the vast number of problems and possible priorities in the whole world, and the opposition of these world views, that Christianity and mainstream modern secular culture should coincide in this way – but it is not-impossible.

While acknowledging that these things are indeed statisitically possible; Liberal Christians are playing with fire while walking the edge of a precipice; and doing so in a situation where almost everybody is encouraging them to jump-off, and a significant minority are actively trying to shove them – and where ‘everybody’ (who matters) will praise and appalaud them for jumping.

The deep problem is that Liberalism, Leftism, socialism, communism, the civil rights, social justice, affirmative action, diversity, equality, liberation, sexual revolution movement (call it what you will) – and this category includes not just Labour, Liberal and Democrat parties; but also and equally all mainstream and powerful conservative, republican, populist, nationalist and libertarian parties, who all share the identical secular utilitarian assumptions of the ‘official’ Left — really is in its essence and in sum evil. And this ideology is powerful and pervasive, and it is growing in domination month by month.

Hence my trepidation about Liberal Christians in general, and especially Liberal Mormons. The situation between Left and Right is not symmetrical – our culture is moving Leftwards; and Leftism is necessarily and in the end secular, and in practice anti-Christian.

No matter how faithful and insightful – and a few Liberal Mormons are among the very deepest and most enlightening thinkers I have encountered (I am thinking in particular of Terryl Givens) – they are very vulnerable to apostasy; and with society as it is trending, their vulnerability to apostasy is always increasing for as long as they hold to Liberal priorities.

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