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In Surprised by Joy, C.S. Lewis talks about his last term at Wyvern, which he hated.  He says that even a chair can take on a ghostly quality when you know it is the last time you will ever see it.

I have superstitious qualms about saying it, but it seems that in a few days our home sale will be final.  I was up there over the weekend to do a  few final little jobs.  I painted a small corner of the house that the building inspector wanted touched up.  I cleared out a few final oddments I found here and there.  I packed a couple of bags of trash.  There was nothing elegiac about it.

Then I went to lock the door to the home.  I suddenly realized I would probably never set foot in it again.  I suddenly choked up.  Even  now, just writing it, I am choked up.

I unlocked the door and went back inside and said goodbye. It was an end.  I walked all around the outside of the home, crying.

I prayed spontaneously, God, please, let good things last forever.  Somehow, I felt that my prayer is answered.

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