thinkFacebook and MediaSmarts have teamed up to publish a white paper “Think Before You Share.”

We always hear that sharing is a good thing. And thanks to technology, we can share our ideas, opinions, pictures, and videos with our friends and others. Most of the time, sharing is good. But if we aren’t thoughtful about how we share, we run the risk of hurting ourselves or someone else. Also, remember that the things you share with your friends can end up being shared with others. That’s why it’s important to think before you share.

Here are some important guidelines:

  • Remember that anything you share–a picture, video, or personal information–could end up being seen by anyone.
  • Don’t share when you’re feeling really emotional–whether you’re angry, sad, or excited. Calm down first and then decide if it’s really a good idea to share it.
  • Think whether someone could use that you share to hurt you. Would you be upset if they shared it with others?
  • What you share can last forever. Even though an app or a social networking site promises to auto-delete images or videos after a few seconds, there are ways people can capture them.
  • If you see something that makes someone else look bad, would embarrass them, or could potentially hurt them, don’t pass it on.

Download the helpful 3-page paper Think Before You Share.”

Learn more about how to #ShareGoodness.

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