I love Cinnamon Rolls.....don't you?  Making them takes some time, but the end result is such a reward.  I recently was spending time with my sweet Mother. She was making Cinnamon Rolls.  I had forgotten about a technique she uses to cut her rolls.  Without using this technique, you rolls can be flat and misshapen.  Are you ready to learn from the best? 

Cutting Cinnamon Rolls with....Dental Floss:

After preparing the dough, brushing with butter and placing your cinnamon-sugar it is time to roll and cut your rolls.  My Mother states that you carefully roll you dough and pinch the edges together.  Shape the roll into a nice even roll.

My Mother takes a length of....Dental Floss.  That's right, dental floss.  Slide it under the roll to the desired width of the roll you desire.

Cross the ends over each other at the top of the roll.

See the crossed dental floss at the top? Pull the string at both ends and cut the roll.  

See the beautiful slice?

See how beautiful they look when they are placed on the cookie sheet?

Try it!

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