Below are four different LDS Christmas advent calendars you may want to use with your family. Pick one that suits you best and enjoy it.

1. Customizable Advent Calendar

Fill this advent calendar with traditions and activities that will bring your family closer to Christ. It gives you some ideas, but you can turn it into something that’s special to you. Download a high-resolution PDF with the graphics and learn more about it on the


2. 25 Days of Christmas GIFs Advent Calendar offers 25 GIFs (animated images) for the 25 days of Christmas. Christmas GIFs are dedicated to celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Below are a few samples. Click on each to see the animation. Download and share all 25 animated GIFs with those you love this Christmas season.

lds-christmas-GIF-1 lds-christmas-GIF-2 lds-christmas-GIF-3

3. #ASaviorIsBorn Advent Calendar

The well-known site has created a kit to help support the #ASaviorIsBorn invitation. It has simple, fun, FREE ideas you can do with your family to help center your thoughts around Christ during the holiday season. The page below explains how their 12 Day Family Advent Kit works.

1 ASaviorIsBorn SD Intro Letter-reduced

The page below outlines each of the 12 days:2 ASaviorIsBorn SD Intro Overvi

For each of the 12 days, there are detailed pages that explain the theme for the day and ideas on what to make, what to discuss as a family, and what to do as a family. The pages provide the graphics to cut out and photos show how to use them. ASaviorIsBorn SD Day02_Page_1Here is the link to download all the pages and graphics for all 12 days. The pages and images for each day are in a separate folder.

4. SugarDoodle Luke 2 Collection 12 Day Photography Advent for #ASaviorIsBorn

LUKE2Advent_Introduction_Square Format

LUKE2 Advent_Introduction_Phone Wallpaper FormatThe image to the right can be downloaded and used as wallpaper on your smartphone.

The images below can be shared on blogs or on social media each day of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Thanks for SugarDoodle and Helen Thomas Robson for such great artwork! See for more great artwork.


LUKE2Advent_Day 01 LUKE2Advent_Day 02 LUKE2Advent_Day 03 LUKE2Advent_Day 04 LUKE2Advent_Day 05 LUKE2Advent_Day 06 LUKE2Advent_Day 07 LUKE2Advent_Day 08 LUKE2Advent_Day 09 LUKE2Advent_Day 10 LUKE2Advent_Day 11 LUKE2Advent_Day 12

5. Bonus Giveaway

This Christmas, Sugardoodle also teamed up with friends to create an awesome giveaway of over $1,500 in LDS products.


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