savior-lds-asaviorisbornA new video from the Church shows what the world would be like without a Savior. It describes the pain, isolation, and darkness that would exist without Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. Watch the video “Why We Need a Savior — A Christmas message about our Savior Jesus Christ. #ASaviorIsBorn:”

The video was released as part of the Christmas invitation #ASaviorIsBorn. It is the second of two new videos being shared by the Church this Christmas. Invite your friends to see to watch both videos. When sharing, please use the hashtag #ASaviorIsBorn.

“We live in a world where the power and influence of God in our daily lives are downplayed and dismissed and where the need for a Savior is ignored and even mocked,” explained Elder Dallin H. Oaks. “For those who are devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, there has never been a greater need for us to profess our faith in our Savior, privately and publicly” (“A Savior Is Born,” Ensign, Dec. 2015).

Learn more about the #ASaviorIsBorn campaign, including shareable videos, art, and images that focus on the importance of the Savior’s birth.

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