If you're looking for a great Christmas gift for yourself or others, be sure to consider the amazing new feature-length video, Lehi in Arabia, available for order at http://www.lehiinarabia.com/. Chad Aston's production about the Arabian Peninsula evidence for the Book of Mormon, especially the significant self-funded work of independent researcher, Warren Aston, deeply impressed my wife and I this morning as we watched it. Here you will see details of Nahom and the inscriptions on three altars with a place name not found anywhere in ancient or modern Arabia except in the region that fits the Book of Mormon's description of Nahom on Lehi's trail. You will find a treasure trove of information about the search for Bountiful and details of the prime candidate at Khor Kharfot at the mouth of Wadi Sayq, including views of the abundant fruit there, the variety of animals and plants, at least three springs, some ruins in need of exploration, and other details.

I especially enjoyed the discussion of Aston formulating 12 key criteria for Bountiful and then searching up and down the coast east of Nahom, examining various candidates that had or could be proposed. After having eliminated everything and wondering what they might find, late in the day of an expedition as they were in a boat exploring the coast, his daughter urged him to pull into an area that didn't look impressive from their perspective on the water. She wanted to be thorough and give it a further look. Reluctantly, he agreed, and as they walked into the area for a better view and noticed all the trees and greenery they hadn't been able to see before, his daughter cried out, "Dad, this is Bountiful!" He was cautious at first, but as they explored on this an subsequent visits, they would find that all 12 criteria were plausibly met here, including the availability of ore to make tools. It's an incredible story rich in detail. I hope you'll take a look.

And if you're looking to give in order to support further work at this vital and precious spot in need of conservation and scholarly research, please donate to the Khor Kharfot Foundation. I just did and I hope you'll join me.
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