Jacob 6–I am reading it this morning–is about the end of the world.  The wicked shall be cursed,  the blessed blessed,  and the earth burned like withered vines.

It occurred to me that the end of the world is a form of feedback.

Feedback is consequences.  Feedback is experiencing information from outside about the wisdom of your choices.   The idea of the end of the world is the ultimate and final feedback. It is all consequences in one. The question our moral character has been asking reality is Answered.

The Left and the Right both believe in some kind of “the end of the world” because both believe in a form of reality. The Left’s reality is the social context. That is why celebrity, status, the media, fashion, and entertainment all skew left. The Right’s reality is everything outside that.  It is nature,  war,   competition, the market, authority, tradition, and revelation.

The Left’s feedback is opinion.  Popularity,  peer pressure, outcasting. The Right’s feedback is profit and loss,  success and failure, joy and misery.

The Left’s Final Judgment is unpersoning, lynching,  and the concentration camp on one hand. ( These are all final forms of ostracism. ) On the other hand,  the end of the world for the Left is the Triumph of the Will or the Final Victory of the Party. In which the lack of foundation for the Great and Spacious building ceases to matter, because everything outside it is in oblivion.

The Right’s end is bankruptcy, winter, death, final victory or final defeat,  and the actual Last Judgment where God weighs you in the balance.

I want to say that the Right’s end of the world is the most akin to the actual end of the world. But the truth is that the end is probably a singularity where old distinctions collapse. Ultimate reality and social reality become the same.



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