If you have not previously seen the incredible Temple Studies Bibliography put together by Dan Bachman at the Utah-based Academy for Temple Studies, you should seriously take a moment to check it out now.

The Temple Studies Bibliography is incredibly, unfathomably extensive, with over 8,500 items, including some 460 PhD dissertations — all related to the topic of temples.

The bibliography is now located at a new (and very attractive) website: http://templebibliography.com.

I highly recommend taking a look (and, even better, conducting extensive research using this site).

You may also want to check out Dr Shon Hopkin’s helpful review of the bibliography: “How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place”: A Review of Daniel W. Bachman,

“A Temple Studies Bibliography”

Congratulations to Dan Bachman, Donald Parry, Stephen Ricks, John Welch, and others who worked hard to put this bibliography together.

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