The deadline for Gospel App & Game contest is getting closer. Submissions are due September 18, 2015! Participants can enter using the submission form.

While you put the finishing touches on your awesome, creative, worthy entry, a few things need your attention to be ready for judging:

  • Most apps will reside in their respective platform stores like Apple App Store and Google Play. For iOS, the apps must be in the App Store. Plan to include a link to the app within the store to help the judges locate your app quickly.
  • If your app is being developed for multiple platforms, decide now which one to use for formal judging.
  • Provide the URL to the website for an application that runs from a web browser. Make sure your app has adequate online instructions and note if log-in is needed.
  • In the event your app is not in a store, you’ll need to send a link for the judges to a shared cloud location, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox to facilitate getting access to the app. The Contest page will provide more details for submitting app files.
  • If your app requires payment to use, please provide the formal judges with 15 promo codes to download the app for free for the purpose of judging. Instructions for adding promo codes are found in the respective app stores. Promo codes are not needed for everyone else.

When submissions are in, members of the LDSTech community will be provided with an “App Gallery” online where all the apps, their platforms, categories, developers, and descriptions will be listed with links to downloads. All judging will take place before the conference and an online ballot form will be used to select the best overall app for the “People’s Choice Award.”

Winners for the People’s Choice and the major categories will be selected prior to the LDSTech Conference. Your app or game must be available before the conference to be included in online balloting for the People’s Choice Award.

Attendance at the conference has no bearing on prize determinations, but the opportunity is open for you to come and demonstrate your app at the event. See Conference FAQ for more details and send questions to [email protected].

The People’s Choice Award and category winners will be announced on October 15. There is an impressive array of contest entries in process. Many outstanding options will soon be announced for you to sample and use!

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