The average of behaviour is higher among Mormons than among the large Christian denominations. I wonder whether this may be related to the fact that nearly all Mormon men are Priests?

Christianity is essentially about repentance – not reform of behaviour; which may not be possible, and is impossible completely; but higher standards of successful reform of actual behaviour (above and beyond repentance) are properly required for priests, pastors, leaders etc. This, at any rate, has been the aim in the large Christian denominations.

Almost-all Mormons are, in a sense either actual Priests (men) or held to the same standard as Priests (women) – which I think somewhat accounts for the higher standard of Mormon behaviour among Christians (most of whom are divided into Priests +/- monks/ nuns; and laity of whom is required a lower standard of behaviour; sometimes no reform of actual behaviour at all beyond repeated confession/ repentance).

Some low church Protestants lack Priests – i.e. they deny the legitimacy, ordistinctiveness of Priests – and these are (perhaps?) exactly those churches that also often require a uniformly high standard ‘Priest-like’ of reformed behaviour from their church members.

Mormons are I think unique among Christians in regarding the Priesthood as both legitimate and also (almost) universal. Is this why the CJCLDS demands not only repentance, but also a significant degree of reform of behaviour?

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