The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) has launched a new website to highlight Mormon temples throughout the world simply called The new website not only helps others better understand what are Mormon Temples but also highlights each of the LDS Temples now in operation with photos and a brief history. 

"Mormon temples are the holiest places of worship on earth for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Within these sacred walls, participants commit to live ethical and morally upright lives and to be faithful to their spouse and family.
Latter-day saints consider temples to be "The House of The Lord," and take great care in their construction and maintenance. They are designed to fit harmoniously into the communities they call home and include beautifully kept gardens and green spaces that are open to the public. 
Temples are distinct from Mormon chapels. Sunday worship services are held in community meetinghouses and are open to everyone. Temple services are attended Tuesday through Saturday at scheduled intervals by small groups of church members. 
Mormons believe that through the grace of Jesus Christ all humanity can return to live with God. Religious observances such as baptism are an important part of accepting the divine gift heavenly Father wants all of his children to receive."

The new website about LDS Temples also provides a special section to answer commonly asked questions that are a concern to some, such as...

How are temples used?

What is it like inside the temple?
Will the Church use temples as centers to proselytize local communities?
Will members of the public ever see inside of the temple?

One of the coolest features on the new website about Mormon temples is the interactive map that allow visitors to explore the various rooms inside our temples through brief explanations and beautiful videos.

I look forward to further exploring and sharing it with family and friends. Certainly our temples are one of the more curious parts about Mormonism to those outside of our faith. I think this site will be a great resource for members and non-members alike. It appears that the site will be updated continually, making it a new LDS website that we will want to check frequently. 


Kathryn Skaggs

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