The next attack on religious freedom is probably against schools.  The Bob Jones precedent and accreditation make it a more vulnerable target.  Progressivism dominates higher education, which makes progressives more worked up about enemies in “their” territory and which gives them an advantage in operating on the terrain.  For instance, most professors and administrators at even the most traditionalist schools were probably educated elsewhere and have been deeply acculturated in progressivism.  This acculturation continues every time they go to a conference or read professional publications.

One solution is for faith schools to cooperate with each other.  They could form their own accrediting body, for instance.

The only problem is that the largest faith schools have already surrendered.  Baylor just removed the prohibition against homosexual acts from their honor code.   Notre Dame’s white flag was already hoisted.

Our prominent allies are itching to be on the other side.  We must reorient our expectations from actual allies.  It will be the small Christian colleges that aren’t very prestigious.  We are going to have to look for friends among groups that are going to be more lowly and despised than we are accustomed to.  To a certain extent, we may have to be sheltering them than vice versa.



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