Synchronicity is usually described as something like ‘meaningful coincidence’ which means that it must be meaningful or else it is not true synchronicity!

Therefore, since it is meaningful, we ought to try and understand what it actually means when we experience synchronicity – that is indeed one reason why we experience it.

However, experience is never self-interpreting (because we are free agents, so we can and must choose interpretations – and where there is choice there is room for alternatives).

So, there is another reason for synchronicity – which applies even when we do not know its meaning, and whatever interpretation we settle-upon; and we may not be able to settle on one meaning- or the meaning may not be apparent until long after the incident. Or we may – by wishful thinking, despair or any other cause of error – guess the meaning wrong. for our own good in some kind of way

Nonetheless, the sheer fact of synchronicity is – or should be – interpretable as evidence of purpose in life, and of both the wide range and specific detail of the nature of divine providence.

Because an incident of synchronicity typically involves (or must involve, if considered deeply) a very wide range of divine interventions in multiple systems of the world over a considerable period of time, and also that these interventions be directed at me-specifically – which is evidence of God’s personal concern for me.

Since God loves us, personally; a synchronous event is invariably in its potential, for our own good in some kind of way (that is, it is intended to be for our good – although by bad choices we may sabotage this) – but that ‘good’ must be considered to be a long-term, post-mortal good – not merely our pleasure and comfort here-and-now.

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